Women’s Health

Women’s Health Physiotherapy is helpful at all stages of women’s lives – from pregnancy, through the child-bearing years, into menopausal years and beyond, whether or not they have had children.

Bladder and bowel leakage, urgency or needing to visit the toilet frequently can affect any woman of any age. These conditions are very common, and often are not treated because women are too embarrassed to seek treatment, or they feel it is ‘normal’ particularly if they have had children. Many women alter or restrict their activities because of fear of an ‘accident’. Research shows that specialist physiotherapy will improve significantly or cure the great majority of women with these conditions, alleviating the need for surgery or medication. We also help women with prolapse, chronic constipation or pelvic pain associated with sex.

We are aware of the sensitive nature of these conditions, and will be discreet and sensitive in our approach.

Pregnancy-related back and pelvic pain is also very common and can be helped by strengthening muscles and/or realigning joints with gentle techniques. We will help you to understand the many changes occurring in the body during the child-bearing year. There is good evidence that appropriate treatment, advice and exercises can significantly improve your symptoms and help you recover after pregnancy, even if symptoms have persisted for some time. The techniques we use are safe at any stage of pregnancy.